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Venture beyond the narrow scripted path with Tilting Futures logo— we’re turning the “gap year” on its head.
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Tilting Futures is a nonprofit that teaches the tools of personal transformation and global orientation to those seeking change in themselves—and the world around them.


Explore new places to grow and learn in new ways

Cape Town, South Africa

Theme: Human Rights

Join students with your passion for Human Rights from all over the world for a semester of immersive learning in Cape Town that will challenge you, transform you, and unveil what you’re truly capable of.

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New Country ...coming soon!

Take Action Lab is expanding! In 2025, we’ll offer an immersive learning program focused on climate and environment in a new country that will run concurrently with South Africa. Get excited, and stay tuned!

Concentration: Climate & Environment

Upcoming Terms: TBA

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Tilting Futures participants having a lively conversation in a group setting
Tilting Futures participants lying on the ground and gazing up at the sky
Students working in a garden at Tilting Futures gap year immersive learning program
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At Tilting Futures we believe in an optimistic world ahead. Why? Because our students are global changemakers. For more than a decade we’ve worked with 2,700+ young people from 100+ countries to equip them with the tools needed to create change in themselves and the world around them. We’ve watched them take on challenges and emerge transformed with purpose that amplifies the next phase of their lives and shifts the trajectory of their future.


Emerge transformed with reinvigorated purpose

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of Tilters said they can better relate to people of different races, nations, and religions

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of Tilters said they became more hopeful about the future

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of Tilters feel better prepared to make the most of higher education

Don’t just adapt to the future — tilt it.



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Global Citizen Year is moving forward as part of our new, larger brand: Tilting Futures. New name, same mission, expanded programs and impact.