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Join Tilting Futures logo on a mission to make immersive global learning accessible worldwide.

Erik Oline, a Tilting Futures program participant
Tilting Futures gap year travel program students smiling together at a table
Kurt and Anushka worked with these inspiring women on health, education, and empowerment initiatives.

We partner with individual donors, foundations, universities, corporations, educators and more to expand student access, scale programming and build the evidence base to grow this field. Schedule a call with our team today to learn more about how we can work together.

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Partner with Tilting Futures to create transformative impact for students and the future of education.

We work with donors, financial advisors, family foundations and more to unlock immersive learning opportunities for young people worldwide.

A South African woman speaking with Tilting Futures participants
A Tilting Futures gap year travel program student jumping for joy

Your donation lifts the trajectories of students, and paves the way for immersive global learning to be an accessible and fundamental part of education systems worldwide.

We collaborate with visionary foundations to create transformative impact not only for students, but for systems and society.

Partner with Tilting Futures to solidify a legacy of change and innovation.

We collaborate with brands of all sizes, offering your employees and customers meaningful and tangible ways to make a difference.

A beautiful vista overlooking Cape Town
Street art in Cape Town, South Africa

With our customizable partnership options, your organization has the unique opportunity to support and empower the next generation and your team as catalysts for positive change.

Empathy, agency, hope, and a global perspective are critical skills that can’t be learned in a classroom alone. With Tilting Futures, you can equip your students with the tools they need to create impactful and fulfilling futures. Backed by Harvard research, our Immersive Learning Programs significantly increase happiness, purpose, and global orientation.

A beautiful vista overlooking Cape Town
Street art in Cape Town, South Africa

Partner with Tilting Futures to launch credit-bearing programs, research initiatives, specialized scholarships and more.

You can also change lives one-to-one by nominating your students. When you nominate, we connect the student with more information, and if they enroll, your nomination awards them a $500 merit scholarship. As a non-profit committed to access and equity, we also provide generous financial aid.

Tilting Futures participants working on science experiment
Tilting Futures participants playing chess
As a Tilting Futures participant, Natasha worked at a community organic farm and helped increase access to fresh, healthy food.
Tilting Futures participants smiling and hugging outside of Cape Town TV
Tilting Futures participants hiking up a mountain in Cape Town
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A Tilting Futures gap year travel program student smiling for a photo
Tilting Futures participants working together at a computer

Philanthropic Partners

Our Philanthropic Donors include individuals and institutions. Meet our entire community of donor champions.

Educational Partners

Our Educational Partners recognize the importance of developing a global perspective, self-awareness, and a defined sense of purpose — life skills that are uniquely developed with an experience like Take Action Lab.


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Together, we’ve already equipped over 2,700 students from 100+ countries with the emotional and intellectual tools to create meaningful impact. But don’t take our word for it — Harvard researchers confirm the transformative effect of our programs.

Tilting Futures gap year travel program students working together in a classroom
Students smiling outside at Tilting Futures gap year apprenticeship program

Take Action Lab revealed a promising and innovative approach to supporting students in developing critical 21st century skills in themselves and in community. Students showed meaningful improvements across a wide variety of important impact areas.”

Richard Cowden, Ph.D.
The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science

Tilting Futures gap year travel program students working together on a farm
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