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Admissions & Tuition

Take the Eligibility Quiz to make sure you can join the program. To start, you’ll need to be:

  • 17 – 21 years old (by the program start date)
  • A high school graduate
  • English language proficient
  • Able to commit to a full-time program (i.e. not enrolled in other courses)

For more details, please review the Essential Eligibility Criteria.

Absolutely! We always choose a diverse, global class.


The only time citizenship impacts eligibility is with citizens of a country hosting a Take Action Lab program. For example: students who are South African citizens living in South Africa are not eligible to apply for the South Africa TAL program. We make this distinction because cultural immersion in a different country is core to the experience.

Tuition for Take Action Lab is $21,000 USD.

We don’t believe in hidden costs, and want you to feel confident in your decisions. 

Just a heads up, flights and any expenses before your arrival abroad are not included. To make everything as clear as possible, you can download a detailed breakdown of expenses.

Yes and yes. If you need help with tuition, financial aid is available.  We also offer several merit scholarships. Visit our Tuition & Financial Aid page to learn more.

Spots and financial aid are limited. Apply by the early or priority deadline and get priority consideration for enrollment and aid.

Check out the Admissions page. There’s a handy form with all the relevant dates, based on when you submitted your application.

You will definitely need a passport.

You may or may not need a visa, depending on your citizenship. Either way, our team will provide guidance throughout the process.

Yes. Check out the partners page to see all the colleges we work with.


Each of these colleges encourages their students to learn abroad, and specifically to learn with us. If you’re applying to these schools, be sure to highlight Take Action Lab in your application. The Admissions departments look favorably upon our graduates, however, admission is not guaranteed.

Living Abroad

Student well-being is a priority at Tilting Futures. Please visit our Health & Safety page for details on how we support our students while abroad.

Top priorities include health, hygiene, safety, housing, and transportation. We evaluate at every level, from the country and city to the exact neighborhood where students stay. Other must-haves include top-quality apprenticeships and a cultural context that gives a fresh perspective on global issues.

You’ll be responsible for arranging and paying for your own travel to and from the program. We’ll give you clear dates for arrival and departure. When your plane lands, expect an embarrassingly enthusiastic airport welcome from our team. We’ve got all the transportation to and from the airport taken care of.

You’ll get to live in a house with several other Tilters from all over the world. All shared housing can include students of all genders, gender identities and sexual orientations.


Every student has their own private bedroom for downtime. While the communal living room and kitchen make it easy to gather and socialize. Cooking meals together, sharing stories, and making plans with new friends from everywhere brings cultural immersion home. We encourage students to take responsibility for co-creating the community they desire.

Each student will have their own private individual bedroom with a bed frame, mattress, bed sheets & blanket, pillow & pillow cover, desk, mirror and wardrobe/dresser. Each shared house is unique, but all are equipped with:

  • Common recreational/lounging areas
  • Shared bathrooms: showers & toilets
  • Kitchen with a range, tableware, cookware and cooking utensils, microwave, refrigerator, kettle, toaster
  • Laundry facilities: washing & drying machines
  • Smoke alarms
  • Security alarm systems
  • Wifi internet

Meals are not provided. Students purchase their own food to prepare in the shared kitchen space. Each shared house comes with an equipped kitchen including a range, tableware, cookware and cooking utensils, microwave, refrigerator, kettle, toaster.

You’ll receive a pre-loaded debit card with enough to cover the basics – groceries, commuting, cell phone data, and other essentials. We’ll provide information and tools to help you budget wisely. 

If possible, we also recommend bringing your own personal debit or credit card so you can access additional funds to pay for things beyond basic living expenses.

During orientation, our staff will train you on how to safely navigate a mix of public and private transportation options including buses, minibus taxis, and Uber. We’ll also show you how to commute to your apprenticeship.


Once trained, you’ll be responsible for independently navigating your own transportation. 


Commuting costs to your apprenticeship are covered by your living stipend, but personal transportation is not included.

Bring your smartphone unlocked and ready for use. Make sure it has a SIM card slot because we’ll give you a SIM card when you arrive. 


It’s important that you have a working phone with you at all times so our team can get in touch in case of an emergency.

During your first 30 days abroad, you’ll stay within the main city so you can build community and get more familiar with the local culture and context.


After 30 days, you’re free to travel within certain provinces. Just make sure your travel plans don’t interfere with your apprenticeship responsibilities or program requirements.

We recommend that family and friends do not visit during the program.


As the pandemic continues to change, we continue to closely monitor and follow advice from the US Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and relevant public health institutions in the program country.

This is your time, show up for it. Consistent, active participation is key to a successful experience. 

Foundations: Students are expected to attend every session of the Foundations course and be logged on to the learning platform, ready to participate by the class’s start time. Missing 4 classes will result in dismissal. 

While Abroad: Students are expected to attend the required in-person activities on time and ready to participate. Required activities include: orientation, apprenticeship, learning reconnects, and reflection. Consistent absences or lateness may result in dismissal.

Drugs and alcohol are not a part of Take Action Lab. We expect all students to abide by the laws of the program country. 


We recommend that students not partake in alcohol and drugs, as they can increase the risk of theft, assault, and crime, and can negatively impact the student community. Students should not consume multiple drinks to the point of intoxication and students should not consume alcohol in any of the co-living houses provided by Take Action Lab.

We are committed to supporting a diverse, inclusive community and a positive learning environment. Regardless of intent to cause physical or mental harm, bullying and harassment are not tolerated in any format, whether it be in person, through social media, through others, or written. If you experience harassment or bullying please let a staff member know and we will immediately address the issue. Any student who is found to bully or harass another may be immediately dismissed from the program.

We strive to respect both students’ privacy and families’ concern for their well-being. Whenever reaching out to a primary contact, we try to confer with the student first.


In the event of an emergency, student health and well-being is the first priority and primary emergency contacts will typically be notified as soon as possible. At Tilting Futures, we define an emergency as any incident (medical or non-medical) that requires an expedited response or overnight hospitalization. 


We do not regularly inform primary contacts about non-emergencies, such as cold and flu, minor wounds, gastrointestinal illnesses, or behavioral concerns.

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