Health & Safety

Tilting Futures is accredited by the Gap Year Foundation for meeting the highest standards in risk management, field leadership, office support, and program quality

Student well-being is a priority at Tilting Futures.

Tilting Futures gap year program, health and safety


You can count on us

Tilting Futures is accredited by the Gap Year Foundation for meeting the highest standards in risk management, field leadership, office support, and program quality. We have policies, training, and staff exclusively dedicated to health and safety.

We count on students to work with us. Our program emphasizes independence and agency, and that includes practicing self-care, awareness, and sound decision-making. We’re in this together.

Risk management systems

We have protocols in place for just about everything – from co-living and transportation to medical facilities and emergency response.

Emergency hotline & SIM card

You can reach staff 24 hours a day on the emergency hotline. We’ll give you a SIM card so that you’re also reachable in case of an emergency.


During your first week, we’ll give you practical steps to promote safety in your new setting.

Local, knowledgeable, and empathetic staff

Support is always nearby. Our local team intimately knows the cultural context and is there to coach you through any bumps along the way.

Structured program curriculum

Take what you experience and turn it into new insights and personal growth. Our research-backed curriculum is here to guide you.

Monitoring of global security

We keep a close tab on Travel Warnings, Travel Alerts, and Country Specific Information from the U.S. State Department.


...and we count on you

Travel Medical Insurance

We require all students to get international travel medical insurance. It’s up to you to carry your card and submit any claims for reimbursement.


Bring your smartphone unlocked and ready for use.


Make sure you have all the required vaccinations:

1) Mumps, Measles, Rubella; 2) Polio; 3) Tetanus; 4) Hepatitis A; 5) Hepatitis B; 6) Tuberculosis test or vaccine; 7) Meningococcal; 8) Varicella or proof of chickenpox; 9) Typhoid and 10) COVID-19.

A recent flu shot and COVID-19 booster are also advised. If you happen to be coming from or traveling through a Yellow Fever endemic country, then a yellow fever vaccination is also needed.

Honest & Proactive Communication

Tell us how you’re really doing and ask for support when you need it.

Responsible Judgment

Make decisions that promote the safety, well-being, and dignity of yourself and others.


Whether it’s journaling, music, or working out, take intentional steps to care for physical and mental health.

Safety FAQs

Top priorities include health, hygiene, safety, housing, and transportation. We evaluate at every level, from the country and city to the exact neighborhood where students stay. Other must-haves include top-quality apprenticeships and a cultural context that gives a fresh look on global issues.

As the pandemic continues to change, we continue to closely monitor and follow advice from the US Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and relevant public health institutions in the program country. All Students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as defined by the World Health Organization.

During orientation, our staff will train you on how to safely navigate a mix of public and private transportation options including buses, minibus taxis, and Uber. We’ll also show you how to commute to your apprenticeship.


Once trained, you’ll be responsible for independently navigating your own transportation. 


Commuting costs to your apprenticeship are covered by your living stipend, but personal transportation is not included.

Drugs and alcohol are not a part of Take Action Lab. We expect all students to abide by the laws of the program country.

We recommend that students not partake in alcohol and drugs, as they can increase the risk of theft, assault, and crime, and can negatively impact the student community. Students should not consume multiple drinks to the point of intoxication and students should not consume alcohol in any of the co-living houses provided by Take Action Lab.

We are committed to supporting a diverse, inclusive community and a positive learning environment. Regardless of intent to cause physical or mental harm, bullying and harassment are not tolerated in any format, whether it be in person, through social media, through others, or written. If you experience harassment or bullying please let a staff member know and we will immediately address the issue. Any student who is found to bully or harass another may be immediately dismissed from the program.



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