Global Citizen Year Launches Partnership with Envoys

Global Citizen Year and Envoys are thrilled to announce a new partnership to offer a transformative global gap year experience to graduates of Envoys international trips for high school students. 

As part of this partnership, Global Citizen Year will award a $5000 merit scholarship to graduates of Envoys programs that have been nominated by one of their Trip Leaders. Students are nominated based on their demonstration of key global competency skills.

Envoys believes that travel grounded in empathy, understanding, and respect promotes peace. Envoys leads students on focused explorations of topics of global significance, bringing in perspectives from multiple stakeholders and learning to better engage with the diverse and beautiful world. Envoys is on a mission to inspire, equip, and connect people to discover their potential for impact and use it to build a better future. 

“Our programs are designed for students to unlock their passions and explore global issues with an inquiry-mindset. Often, students leave wondering how to continue and expand upon their newfound identity as a globally-competent traveler, and Global Citizen Year is an ideal fit for serving students at a critical juncture in their lives to grow that passion, find their vocation, and connect to the broader world and to humanity in a socially-responsible manner.”  – Felipe Correa, CEO, Envoys

Global Citizen Year uses the power of a deep, global immersion to unlock curiosity, conviction and courage in our next generation leaders. Each year Global Citizen Year recruits the most talented high school graduates from across the country and around the world. Global Citizen Year invests in young people who represent our society’s diversity, and uses the formative transition between high school and college to ignite their purpose. For the equivalent of an academic year, Global Citizen Year Fellows live with a family in a community in Africa, Latin America or Asia and apprentice to local efforts advancing education, health and sustainability. Our learning model wraps coaching and curriculum around real-world experience — preparing emerging leaders in ways that classroom learning alone cannot. By staying longer and going deeper, our Fellows develop insights that shape their character, guide their higher education and equip them to make a meaningful impact over the course of their lives. Working with colleges, companies and community partners, Global Citizen Year is forging a new educational pathway to launch the leaders our world needs now.

“Time and time again we have seen the power of an international experience in high school spark high school students’ desire for more – more experience in the world, more ways to complement and build on their classroom experience.Global Citizen Year is thrilled to be the next step for exceptional Envoys graduates who are hungry to stay longer and go deeper — developing the networks and skills that will define a lifetime or leadership.,” says Abby Falik Founder and CEO of Global Citizen Year.  

Both organizations are uniquely focused on equipping students with the skills to lead and make change in today’s changing world and have a unique opportunity to work together to reach students in high school with Envoys and then continue building on that learning and approach through a global gap year after high school with Global Citizen Year.

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