5 Things to Look for in Gap Year Internships

What do you look for in gap year internships? And how do you find a good one? 

Here are some of the main things to look for in gap year internships.

It seems like almost every employer these days has a list of requirements that goes beyond education. That’s because, while education is important, in a competitive professional environment people are looking for things that will make potential hires stand out. In particular, they are looking for real-world experience that will often be more applicable to the position for which they are hiring.

Internships are a great way to acquire these kinds of experiences and gain new skills in the process. In particular, gap year internships can provide you with valuable real-world experience without interrupting your education — allowing you to enter the workforce right after you graduate college with a head start on other recent graduates.


5 Things to Look for in Gap Year Internships


1. It is something you are passionate about.

Your internship will be a significant time commitment, and if it is something that you have no passion for it will feel like a drag. Whether you’re taking a gap year before college or during college, so you want the way you spend this time to be both beneficial and enjoyable.



2. You will learn new skills.

There are plenty of internships out there that may look great on a resume, but which don’t actually provide you with any new skills. Sure, you could spend a year going on coffee runs and carrying out busy work, but with the right internship you can actually walk away with skills that you will use for life. For example, if you choose an immersive learning program like Take Action Lab you will have a meaningful apprenticeship paired with a structured curriculum and a dedicated mentor.



3. There are networking opportunities.

Another important skill, both in college and the workplace, is networking. Being able to interact and maintain connections with a wide variety of people is one of the most important kinds of skills in any walk of life. Some internships may require you to be isolated, but try to find something that allows you to connect with others at least a few times a week.



4. It is beneficial to your future.

You don’t have to have your entire future figured out when you’re graduating high school (or even college)! But if you have a little bit of an idea of what you want to do, trying to find a gap year internship that aligns with your future plans. You might be able to get exposure and experience in a career field you’re considering. Even if your gap year internship isn’t an exact match with your future plans, you’ll develop valuable life skills – like agency, self-awareness, and initiative – that can benefit you no matter what path you choose.



5. It pushes your limits.

Another great thing about taking a gap year is that it can provide you with an opportunity to do things that you may never have envisioned yourself doing; no more so than through a gap year with Take Action Lab. Not only can you push yourself to try new things, you can network with new friends and mentors from around the world, and get hands-on experience at an apprenticeship — all as you immerse in a new country and culture abroad! You’ll gain a permanent perspective shift on the world, and what you’re capable of achieving within it.

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Common Questions about Gap Year Internships


How do I start a gap year internship program?

With Take Action Lab, our 3-step admissions process will help decide whether your goals are a match with our program and community. Check out how to apply here!

How much are gap years?

Tuition for Take Action Lab is $21,000 USD. The cost includes not just your gap year internship, but also room & board, curriculum, cultural activities, and much more. We award both need-based financial aid and merit scholarships.


Can you take a gap year after college?

Different programs will have different requirements. You’re eligible to take a gap year with Take Action Lab so long as you’re 17 – 21 years old and have graduated high school. Some students do the program before starting college and others take a semester off for this experience.



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