Gap Year Travel Programs

After sitting in a classroom for so many years, it’s natural for you to feel an itch for adventure and independence. 

A gap year travel program is an exciting and fulfilling way to volunteer abroad for a newly graduated student after high school.

There can be some misconceptions that a gap year traveling program is just a fancy term for an extended vacation. The reality is quite different. So, what are the advantages of joining the best gap year travel programs over just booking a vacation? And where do you find a gap year travel program that will provide a true, life-changing experience that matches your bold choice and ambition?

Tilting Futures takes you a step further with cultural immersion programs that provides a lasting impact beyond that of a traditional study abroad or gap year travel program.


What is gap year travel?

Usually occurring between high school and college, gap year travel involves someone traveling to a new country to volunteer, experience a different culture, and live and work with members of the local community.


What is a gap year travel program?

A gap year travel program is a program typically entered after high school, which involves gaining both life experience and useful skills through volunteering and international travel.


What is the best gap year travel program?

Determining the best gap year travel program for you involves evaluating the following factors:

  • Program fit
  • Price
  • Destination
  • Duration
  • Living situation

Considering a gap year travel program?

See how Take Action Lab could align with your goals.

Vacations vs. Gap Year Travel Programs

You don’t have to give up the good parts of a vacation to participate in a gap year travel program. Think about all the advantages of a vacation: fun, adventure, challenge and excitement. The best gap year travel programs can offer you all of those same experiences, while also preparing you for college, a career and life. A gap year travel program with Tilting Futures will unlock the following benefits:

Experiencing a different culture.

While vacations allow you to witness a different culture, a gap year travel program allows you to actually live a different culture. You’ll live and work among locals, socialize, eat the food and speak the language. And when it’s all over, you’ll have made friendships that will last a lifetime.

Develop true grit.

Recent studies suggest that the number one indicator of success is not your IQ or your genetic makeup, it’s actually something deeper, known as grit. Grit is what drives talent to mastery and passion to action. This is an essential foundation for success in college and beyond, Tilting Futures focuses on providing educational pathways to take you outside of your comfort zone and unlock your potential.

Seeing a new country.

A gap year travel program gets you away from the tourist areas and into the real world. You’ll go to more rustic places, and see things that most typical travelers won’t, making your experiences richer and more fulfilling.

Meeting new people.

You may meet new people on a vacation, but you often don’t have the time to really forge a friendship. A gap year travel program gives you extended time living and working with the locals. Instead of seeing new people, you’re meeting and becoming a part of the community. Tilting Futures also differentiates itself by curating a diverse class of students from all across the world. A typical class in our programs contains 50 students from 25+ countries!

Trying something new.

Typical tourist activities pale in comparison to the kinds of experiences you’ll gain in the best gap year travel programs, and colleges look favorably on students willing to try something new. It shows courage, open-mindedness, and determination to go outside of your comfort zone, especially in an entirely new country.

Preparing you for college — and beyond.

Going abroad to take part in the best gap year travel programs helps students like you to become more mature and academically engaged for college. That year may be just what you need to help you decide on a course of study, or even just boost your resume.

Connecting you with friends.

By embarking on a gap year, you will gain independence, but you won’t be alone. Tilting Futures applicants all share a curiosity and adventurous spirit that will allow you to bond quickly. During your experience abroad, you’ll always have a network of like-minded people with whom you can communicate and share experiences. And when your gap year is over, you’ll have friends you’ll never forget.

Do more than just travel, become a global changemaker. Take part in one of the best gap year travel programs with Tilting Futures and enrich yourself with truly unique experiences and opportunities that will reach beyond college. Explore the application today and change your tomorrow.


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