Expand Your World With a Bridge Year Program

A bridge year program offers experiences that no high school or college classroom could ever replicate.

Take the Bridge Less Traveled

When you choose a bridge or gap year program you’re making the wise decision to invest in your future. Especially if you select an immersive learning program like Take Action Labyou’ll expand your awareness – about the world and yourself – while building resilience, empathy, and agency. Come ready to explore your sense of purpose, the systems you aspire to change, and how to get started!



You’ll immerse yourself in another culture.

You’ll spend a semester living in a new country. You’ll eat the food, learn the history and customs, and become part of the local community. You’ll participate in meaningful local projects and become a student of another culture. This bridge year program is not a passive experience. You’ll get to be an active participant in local activities and part of the community. In today’s growingly global society, this experience is absolutely invaluable.


You’ll do things that matter.

You’ll partner with a local organization that’s advancing important human rights issues like food security, education, or women’s empowerment. Your bridge year will include an apprenticeship where you will work alongside local changemakers and learn from an experienced mentor. You’ll get valuable hands-on experience and acquire real life skills and experience that can later help you take on a career. You’ll work alongside the community members, and you’ll be able to take pride in knowing you were part of something bigger.


Considering a bridge year?

See how Take Action Lab could align with your goals.

You’ll grow as a person.

You’ll learn more about the real world — and about yourself — than you ever could in a classroom. Expand your global perspective and sense of purpose. Discover the resilience, curiosity and sense of adventure that’s lying underneath. Develop the skills, network, and insights to create a fulfilling and impactful future. The benefits of engaging in a bridge year program are no secret.



You’ll make friends that last a lifetime.

By joining Take Action Lab for your bridge year, you’re joining a community of likeminded people  and forging friendships that will last a lifetime. You’ll embark on your bridge year with a supportive community of students from all over the world. Together, you’ll approach global issues from diverse new perspectives and discover how your collective hopes for the future are interrelated. Upon graduating, you’ll join a lifelong alumni network that’s creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. Your relationships will perpetuate through university and beyond. What could be better than spending this transformative experience with new friends and mentors you’ll value forever?




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