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Leftover chapati recipe


My host mom prepared a tiffin for me and her two daughters every morning. When she was in a rush it would consist of a small side, typically curried vegetables or legumes from the night before, and two rolled chapatis. The rolls were sweet, crunchy, and satisfying (especially paired with a glass of milk). I...

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I want to remember


how the air stuck to my skin in Mumbai   a bright yellow and orange marigold garland gently placed on my neck the strange tonic of boiled water, ground turmeric and ginger, black salt, lemon juice, and honey the sound of monkeys running and jumping on the roof at night the first blessed taste of...

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The Butterfly In My Room


This was what I wrote and presented as a Speak Up to the cohort at Learning Seminar 1 on November 21st, 2019.  I am going to tell you about the butterfly in my room. Some of you already know a little bit about this.  Last Tuesday, the one we all had a day off from...

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Virtual Exhibition


For my Capstone Project, I have arranged a small virtual exhibition of my drawings that I did while I was in Pune! You can either click on the link or scroll down to look at the images! https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1HgxIwQX_RiTjJzTcYcM4R9SDuWsSkHgw9e-gHMr2bPc/edit?usp=sharing

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Six Months India – Pittances and IT Gurus


This blog was originally published in German on tize.ch as part of my capstone project – you can read it here. In the past, the city used to be a cosy piece of agglomeration, the ideal weekend getaway for Mumbai’s upper class, says an old-established Puneri. He sits in a coffee shop in the villa...

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Biscuits and chai


L’odeur du thé me réveillait de ma sieste. Je sors de ma chambre et me rince le visage. Quelques minutes plus tard, je me retrouvais dans l’espace familial entouree de Didi et  Maushi. Accompagné d’un petit nombre de biscuits, on sirotait toute notre chai. Elles échangeaient régulièrement des propos en Marathi dont le sens m'échappe...

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Six Months India – Workaholics and Arranged Marriages


This blog was originally published in German on tize.ch as part of my capstone project – you can read it here. The dim light of the light bulb may not yet drive the darkness of the night out of the kitchen. Mother stands at the stove – her eyes tired, the long hair still a...

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Dancing on Lakshmi Road: Moving Forward


Disclaimer: If you would rather listen to me read, here is my YouTube link to my edited audio:  https://youtu.be/7z9CgeZ0HO4 “I saw you guys.” The second she said those words I could feel the rocks hit the belly of my stomach.    Oh boy.   My agi Vijaya loved to playfully taunt me. Her jokes bared...

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Six Months India – Blank Faces and Crowded Classrooms


This blog was originally published in German on tize.ch as part of my capstone project – you can read it here. Hundreds of children in uniform stand on a gravel field in front of a dreary concrete block and sing the Indian national anthem. They are pupils of a public school in the midst of...

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I am struggling with the fact that am not, anymore…


You learn from the past, how your present was shaped to decide your future. If this is true then, I am and have to, compare my life now and then. People come and go, memories are made and fade, rain followed by rainbows, clouds to storm… but one thing does not change- my relationship with...

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Be aware of your priviledge and see what you can do with it? sure….


We talked so much about it but we never really, we talked to the point of judging rather than understanding.  Being privileged became you worked less hard than me  Being less privileged meant its not your fault  Being privileged became you have to fix the world  Being less privileged meant I should show empathy  I...

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If my soul was a balloon…


If my soul was a balloon, it could have been made by one artist or three, depends on what I'd like to believe. And like every balloon in the bunch, tied to a string I'll go where I am taken and tied. If my soul was a balloon I'd wish to have thicker and more...

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