15 things I will miss about being in Floripa

1. Long bus rides to TILAG when the sun is setting
2. Walking through the forest every morning to work
3. Reading on the little island near my host family’s house
4. My host brother working on his art
5. Waking up every morning to work with animals
6. Swimming in an ocean surrounded by mountains
7. Pão de queijo
8. Meeting new people on Fridays in Lagoa da Conceiçao
9. The ever-changing smell of fruit in the air
10. The baby cow at my work who has currently become a moody teenager
11. My host sister singing Bruno Mars in the kitchen
12. Hearing the word “imagina”
13. Hundreds of hiking trails that I get lost on (how.)
14. Lagoa do Peri and the magic around it
15. The buckets of brilliant color coating every surface of this island