20 seconds

I once wrote in a letter to a dear friend, ‘spontaneity is life’s best friend and my greatest influence’. At that point I just liked the quote because I came up with it and it sounded so cool. Luckily it was also relevant to the point I was trying to make. But the 20 seconds I had, on Friday the 26th of August, to make the decision that would affect the coming year for me, proved to me why i believed in that quote.
Sitting now in the airport with one half of my Senegalese cohort, I have realized that I am more excited about this opportunity than I care to admit. More than anything I am so glad that I took that leap of faith and applied, because I know this is one of those adventures that I’ll keep talking about for the rest of my life.
In this past week, I have learnt so much from different people who have shared their stories, experiences and words of advice with me. I have experienced the true meaning of hospitality and love, and I know these coming months are going to be filled with unforgettable moments, where we laugh till our stomach’s hurt, and we sometimes cry till there are no more tears in our eyes. But nevertheless, there is no greater feeling than knowing you have someone who cares about you to share these amazing moments with.
This year I believe is a learning curve for me, and therefore, I must learn, whether I’m lounging by the beach, teaching in a school, socializing with my community, or cooking with my host family.
Here’s to the paths waiting to be explored and the memories waiting to be created! 🙂