5 Random Things

-Went to collect firewood in the most beautiful fields. Purple flowers, baobabs, and butterflies. While walking, there was a rustling in a bush ahead and my aunt ran at it, machete raised and all. Still don’t know what it was, not sure I want to know what would’ve happened to it if Dee’ Apsa had gotten her hands on it.


– Accidentally told a lady on a pickup truck that I’m never going back to Canada. I’ve never been to Canada.


-Dee’ Apsa has gotten into two fist fights in my first month here. Still have no idea what happened. Real language learning motivation.


– Sometimes I eat multiple dinners. My record is three. “Ndella, how did you already eat? Dinner hasn’t been served yet.” It’s still a mystery even to me. I just eat the food they put in front of me.


-One of my aunts calls me mom, since I’m named after her mother. She calls her daughter aunt even though her daughter is named after one of her sisters, and is nobodies aunt yet. I have to call nearly everyone mom and dad. Everyone calls me grandma. I honestly have no idea how this works.