A Final Toast

I’d like to raise a toast to all the people who guided us through our days here in India.

You know, there are a lot of factors that go into a “thriving” year. Of course, it’s no surprise when the fellows just happen to be phenomenal. I mean look at us. Look how great we are. We’re practically god’s gifts to earth. When you’re blessed with tools like a brilliant mind and a swole body, it’d be a shame if we weren’t thriving in this environment.

Jokes aside.

Leaving home and connecting to a new environment is terrifying. It’s a tough and daunting task. But, somehow, it didn’t seem that way. A few weeks ago I was thinking… hmm what could have possibly made that the case?

OH! It’s probably the incredible and fantastic people that surround us each and every day.

So, yeah. That’s when I decided, I’d like to raise a toast.

I’d like to raise a toast to all family and friends,

For making ends meet until the very end,

This is for the purest and veggiest of all families,

And to the nights where we drank WAAY too much tea.

Always caring for us whenever we fell ill,

Providing us ample food, sometimes a bit past our fill

With the spicy foods matching your personalities

The late night dhal and rice, as reliable as gravity.

This is for all the incredible bhaiyas and didis,

Somehow teaching classrooms while dealing with endless bureaucracy.

You say: “Clap once if you can hear me

Clap twice if you can hear me

Clap THREE TIMES if you can hear me”

Then proceed to light up the class like the night of Diwali

Sedating the children with a good dose of knowledge

And over the ocean of unknowns, you were the drawbridge.

This is for the staff who brighten our paths

Role models for all of us, as we wonder, how do we end up like that?

The members of GCY, who are all clearly tired of our nonsense

And us, the fellows, who clearly are the godsend.

Ranging from bladerunner to cheese and whatever illuminati conspiracies WE believe

Take this from me, we are a group in which we have nothing we cannot achieve.

From the festive days that had us yelling “moria”

To the blissful colors and euphoria

 You were all there, in our presence

As we dipped our toes into the pool of India’s essence.

So “farewell”, for the time being, but know we will retain all of your teachings.

Like a sound that is silenced, but yet resonates in the air.

Awakens the cohort and all that is there

Fellow year india, 2018

Take what you’ve learned, and show the world what a global citizen can be.