A new era

I have decide to take this bridge year in order to see the challenges that other nations are facing, but I did not know from where to start and if I was prepared to live in a foreign country, I have lived in a foreign country but, would not be the same thing because now I'm looking for a change, I am not going there to Study I am going to Brazil to learn. I have been sticking to my value, believes and identity ,and I fell like I need other things, I have tried to get prepared to this adventure, but I realized that we should not prepare for everything, and that resilience is what we become when we take risks, when we allow be venerable and that we should learn from everything and everyone.
Global Citizen Year (GCY), gave us an intense training where we got to hear great speakers from many areas, and also connecting to GCY values, which are Well-being  Gratitude, Empathy, Diversity, Accountability and Curiosity.
Being able to receive this training, it can be looked as a preparation, but I thing that it is a model, of how our host countries will be, there will be inequality, discrimination, and issues with education  there will be controversial things and I believe that GCY helps us to be able to identify this things and look for solutions, GCY would tell us how to deal with the problems, that doesn't mean they can't give us solution, that means that we are the ones who will look for what is good for the people we care about, if it is for us or for everyone and as one of our speaker said "we use masks and when we take them off, people will see only what we allow them to"
and as Julie Lythcott during her speech "I can not answer your questions you are n adult, and you can think for yourself, but I know you may be unsure and unsecure so what I will do I will ask you questions, and more questions so you can clarify your doubts".
This is a part of GCY, and we learn a lot, I feel ready to go to Brazil and do what I need to do, and I will give everything I can, I know I will make a mistake, and I know I will fail, but I will always pursue because of my passion and principles. And the people around me the Brazil, Ecuador, India and Senegal cohort are full of love and compaction and that makes me lucky to be around people like them. I like to quote one of the most notable figures ever, "Be the chance you want to see in the world-Ghandi",  I will be and GCY is making it become true.

"I think we are blind. Blind people who can see, but do not see"
-José Saramago