A year behind or actually ahead?

Who says you need to follow the beaten path? There’s a reason that the trail is so worn down and its because today’s young adults are ushered blindly in a direction of college and a subsequent career, without ever questioning what is it that I really want to do? Though I could have easily started college and gone through the motions, I’m challenging myself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and get out of my element. I want to know where I fit in this crazy world and what I can do to alleviate some of the messiness, harm, and pain that us as humans are causing.


By living in a community with a host family I hope to do just that: Learn more about other cultures, figure out not only who I am but what I want my priorities to be, and what steps are next in my life. I cannot wait to grow into a family and experience the love of yet another latino culture. The goal is not to change, not to teach, and not to judge, but simply learn as much as I can from the people I will soon call my second family.


Though this initial post kicks off the year with a more structured approach to blogging, my hope is to broaden these posts to quotes I find, stories I hear, and moments I live over the following eight months. I cannot wait to get this process started and would love to have you follow along the way if you feel inclined to do so!


¡Hablamos pronto!