Always On the Sunny Side

My dad always told me to, “keep a light heart.” I remember sitting on the bench seat of the big blue truck, happily seated at his side, drinking in each word.

Today was one of many goodbyes. The children of CEEDUC (the elementary and middle school that I spent most of my time apprenticing at) sent me off with a classroom full of smiles, songs, hugs, and tear jerking, “I will never forget you”s.

If my heart is meant to be kept light, then I think it will now float away. At a strange crossroads of wanting to cry and smile, I am sure that I will never forget these children.

I guess I never realized just how much of an impact I made on them, and I am not sure that they realize just how much of an impact they have made on me. All smiles, honesty, and genuine love; lessons for me to carry wherever I go.