and so it begins…

As my senior year came to its finish, I was faced with a most intimidating situation. Like others of my age and my position, it  came time for me to consider how I would move forward with my life, in which of endless options of direction.

I was made to consider what meant most to me. The responsibility of  the choices I was to be making brought the need to evaluate my priorities, to make best guesses as to what would fulfill and nourish my passions. How to create in myself a wealth of life and interest, to evolve my mind and spirit to better experience the journey that lays long and unknown before me?

Prime time for the thinking cap.

With my most magnanimous and critical decision to date upon me,  I’ve had to reflect on my wants, and more clearly identify what I will make of my future as well as what my future will make of me.

And so were my conclusions –

I flourish through learning, exploring and discovering – seeking the hidden intrigue, folded into the infinite layers of the great mystery that is life on this world.

I want to transcend the boundaries of instilled limitations, to recreate my world view into an inclusive, encompassing perspective-

to embrace a sense of unity in a brotherhood of living

to live as a testament to the strength of goodness and kindness

to harken a new movement in the evolution of our relationship to both fellow man and the world, promoting a cross cultural connectivity

I aim to elevate awareness to understanding, and understanding into action

I hope to grow and change, to learn and teach, that mankind may dissolve its hostility and fear, and may revolutionize in its capacity to reach tranquility and harmony with humanity

I want illumunation as to the true interconnection of life spanned all across the globe…

Which may account for the decision I have made, to trek beyond the borders of this life I know so well, and commence my personal odyssey into a vast and complex world as a founding fellow of the Global Citizen Year.