Angela Russell’s Blog Post

I wasn’t gonna do these blog posts because I think they’re nonsense and, also kinda repetitive. I’m doing this because I was annoyed by the harassment I received for not doing one when everyone else did. I really don’t have anything to talk about. Duh coming to Senegal has been a dramatic change in my life. Of course I miss home. I’ve definitely had some “major” realizations here. Yes, i see the world a little bit  differently than I did before, but still kind of the same as I did in New Orleans. 

I guess I can complain though. Might as well.

 One thing that’s really stood out to me is how annoyingly similar the issues here are to issues in the US. I’m not mad at Senegal for having issues. I’m just kinda blowed that countries like this are documented in a pretty bad light while the US still sits atop a pedestal of idealized perfection. I’m not gonna list off the issues. Honestly you would have to visit to understand what I’m talking about. Even then you still may not agree, which is fine. 

People here snap at each other to get attention. This really used to bother me because all my life I’ve been told that this is something demeaning and rude. When people do it they don’t mean any harm, and it doesn’t suggest any of the things I mentioned. It’s just hard. I used to react negatively to it. Now I kinda just pause and stare at the person for like 30 secs just because. But hey it actually grabs people’s, attention not gonna front.

I also don’t like crossing streets here. There ain’t no stop lights or signs. It’s scary. I really be looking like a chicken on the run when I’m crossing these streets. I was already worried about it in the US when there were signs. My fear definitely has worsened. The stuff people do on the road here is CRAzY. I’m jealous. If I knew how to drive I would do it too ngl (Issa joke I know I’m not allowed to drive gcy xoxo).

My roof goats are also kinda agg. One of them literally ate the back cover of my book. When I first came here they also chewed on my clothes that I left out to dry. They literally eat all day, they aren’t hungry. They’re out to get me. It was my Angela Davis book too. It’s an interesting book. I guess they have good taste. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa In conclusion this was my blog ur welcome. They’re actually kinda cute tho. I tried to pet one, but it ran away. 

The ice cream place I love isn’t open on Mondays. I don’t know why these chose to be closed only on Mondays, but it disappoints me way more than if it were closed on Sunday. They have THE best ice-cream.

I also don’t like that Cosmia(a makeup brand sold at Auchan (a supermarket in my city(are all these parentheses allowed in English punctuation???))) doesn’t sell lipgloss. THE AIR IS DRY. SELL ME LIP GLOSS. IM DESPERATE. Also it looks like Auchan hasn’t restocked its makeup section in 10 years. They also only sell foundations in lighter skin tones.

Lastly I don’t know how to display my sarcasm in Wolof. People just don’t understand what I’m saying. I know my Wolof isn’t amazing, but dang no one catches on to my sarcasm. It kinda hurts 🤧

The end.