Back to back

Fun is over. 

We are back at our home countries, or whatever we like to call them now. 
Seeing my real fam was awesome, a lot of hugs smiles and questions. However I can't say that I was there with them because mentally I was still in Ecuador and it just seemed impossible to move on.

Luckily I had a long planned idea of going back to see my firsties graduation at my old high school in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a week of being home, I left with a friend of mine to Bosnia. I hoped that going there will help me get some high school memories back and it might gonna help me to get over Ecuador….. Well that wasn't the case. Going back to Mostar did not help me, and the "homesickness" to Ecuador was getting stronger each day. 
On the third day of my Mostar vacations people would start asking me about my year after UWC an I would tell them my story. I was amongst those few students whose story didn't started as " I went to blabla college". My Story was different and catchy, Usually I would talk with 1-2 people and end up having a group listening to me about my GAP year. Talking about it to all these student made it so much easier to reflect and understand what did just happened with me in the last year. Their unique questions made me  open up some reflecting areas that I would not have though about. This was a perfect way to prepare myself for my capstone prez. 
My capstone was very simple, I thought. I just wanted to talk about my experience to some student who might me excited about an idea like this. And that what I did. But I had no  idea about the lavina that it made. Talking to others about my experience opened up my eyes to so many aspect of this gap year that I never saw before. It kinda re-shaped the way I define my gap year now. I never realized how deep and divers all the knowledge and experience that I gained. Al a sudden it wasn't me doing a favor by telling my story, actually it became that the students did me a favor by listening to me and telling me what they saw in my experience, to tell me how they feel and un-biasly explain to me what they thought. 
I needed this. And now I can embrace into myself all the new values that I got from Ecuador and take them with me on my journey to wherever life takes me…… 
ps. Thank you my beautiful Ecuadorian family for this unexpectedly valuable and eye opening year! 
Also special thanks to GCYs stuff members who were a very big part of this year, it would have not worked out without you guys! <3 Much love <3