Bagunçaço Book Opening

Several months ago, Joselito Crispim, the director of Bagunçaço (and Mike’s host dad) finished writing a book about the after-school program he founded nineteen years ago. Last week was the official book opening, held at an artsy bookstore within an upscale movie theater. Joselito hired a bus to transport some of the kids to the event, and what had been an uncontrollable group of kids thirty minutes earlier quickly turned into an orderly line of silent, wide-eyed children. Our program manager, Tony, likened it to us being dropped off at Buckingham Palace for a state dinner. But the kids were so excited to be there, and one six-year-old boy even approached an armed police officer standing guard outside the theater, patted his arm to get his attention, and shook his hand (which considering their neighborhood’s relationship with the police force, was a touching gesture of respect). Here is a video of the field trip, including footage of the Bagunçaço band playing at the party. This band will be traveling to Sweden on Friday to attend the World Children’s Prize award ceremony.