Being Back

been almost two months since i left Peguche in Ecuador. And still i feel that
being home is surreal. My surroundings are comfortable, my friends and familiy
welcoming, and it is becoming easier and easier to forget and let Ecuador go.
And a part of me wants to forget, knows that that is easier, more comfortable
than bringing parts of Ecuador back to ’my real life’.


However, the time i spent in Ecuador is a part
of me and will stay a part of me, sure I dont miss a lot of things, but I do
miss parts of it. And I am so grateful for the year I spent with my host family
in Ecuador.


people ask me how my year was I say it was an incredible experience, but that I
would never do it again. I don’t regret this year, but it was so challenging
that I dont feel i would need to do it again.


I share my story with the people i meet, I realise how lucky and privileged I
was to have this year to experience something so far from the reality I had
known before.