Blog 2


The tree. It brings my family together as we all sit in its shade while cooking lunch, preparing for a party, or just chatting. For the past two weeks or so I've spent hours just sitting under this tree. Most of the time I just sit and watch all of my little siblings running around and getting yelled at, but other times I just sit alone. Who knew a tree could bring so much peace and joy? As I'm typing this I'm sitting in my hot room so the littles don't get my phone but I'd definitely rather be sitting under the tree. I wish I could say the tree has solved all of the problems I've faced here, unfortunately and fortunately it has not. Many days come with obstacles that can't be fixed by a tree, like not being able to understand most people. The tree brings so much peace and calmness that it doesn't need to solve all of my problems, it just needs to be. For anyone who reads this, just try to be. Be present, be open, and be mindful.