Okay I’m feeling kind of bad now, I haven’t been serious about this blog at all but theres no better time than now, amirite?

I was randomly at some overcrowded festival near my house when inspiration struck me that I actually need to be serious about this cause I’m gonna have a crazy amount of adventures and it would be cool to document them. Haha so here I am, actually being serious about this. 

Soooo, my name is Mia and currently in Pune, India until april(been here around four months though) and I’m here on a gap year, to find myself just like any other hippie teen. 

So how am I? 


My month of November was INSANE and I have so many stories to tell!

Long story short, I spent the entire month out of town.

I went to AmnehbhadPanchghani, and UWC, with many more mini adventures in between. I will do separate post o


I must say the longer I’m here, the more my distaste in going out with people grows. Like hanging with friends for a movie is cool, right? But when I explore or go out to an event, I’m honestly at the point where I want to do it all alone. I never get to linger at a painting as long as I’d like to, or talk to some random old people, or just enjoy the moment and scribble in my journal. I’m getting older now, so my personal time is becoming more golden and my own mini adventures more meaningful.  I just want to be alone but my fears have gotten in the way so far. 

Well those days are over.

Sadly I am at the halfway point in my year, but now I feel like I have actual direction and clarity.

I’m learning what makes me happy.

What my values are.

What I stand for.

What I believe.

What I like.

Who I am.

It’s all coming together (and it’s still blurry) I’ve decided to start acting on my three new passions.

Bridges, Buses, and Stories.

My  first project will be focus on taking the buses to random parts of the city and exploring on my own, with an emphasis on capturing photos of the riverbanks, as they are my favorite part of the city.

And my second is to capture the stories of people of all walks of life within the city.

Luckily all three of these are easily combinable, but I really wanna dive into my experience with Pune and connect with the city and the people within.

I want to create a personal and online anthology so I can share my findings with you guys, but it’s a question of whether I want to upload like a weekly update or one huge one (decisions, decisions)

But I really wanted to inform you guys because I am SO excited about this!