(This post is orginally supposed to go up December 28th but I am so lazy)

So my birthday was 2 days ago….

Do I feel different? 

For the first time in my life I must say that I do! While I don’t feel like an adult completely, some spaces are being filled in that weren’t previously before.

I don’t find myself experiencing many negative emotions or thoughts lately, I’m either quite neutral or positive, it is quite strange actually. (But I enjoy it quite a bit)

I don’t speak all really, I kind of just keep to myself and would rather hear others’ thoughts and opinions rather than voice mines.

But the greatest change I feel I have just made the decision to embrace positivity and love in my life. I have made the decision to take control of MY destiny and follow the path that I want to create. 

The feelings of jealousy and self doubt- which have once plagued me-dissapated into thin air, without me even noticing.

I feel free for the first time…

I don’t worry much about anything at all really. It’s all gone be good at the end of the day regardless. 

So now what? I still got PLENTY of work to do, in terms of being foccued and accountable and all that.

But I feel myself growing into my personal morals and values and ideas. And I must say I am, quite proud.

This next year I want to hone in on two things.

I want to first focus on my personal growth and identity.

More importantly, I want to tap into my personal life goal more than anything.

What is my personal life goal? To fall in love.

I want to fall in love with people, not in a romantic sense, but with their minds, souls, and ideas.

I want to fall in love with cities, parks, temples

I just want to fall in love for the rest of my life.