Blog 6

Today is March 1st, which is crazy because I have exactly 34 days until
I leave my host family and 37 until I leave Brazil. It's kind of hard
to wrap my head around it but its here, the final month of my journey. I
have mixed emotions about leaving so soon. On the one hand I think I'll
be excited to go home and see my family and friends, but on the other I
feel like I could stay here another year. I have really bonded with my
family in such an incredible way. This morning my host mom woke me up
yelling about the most random things. It was so unusual and strange that
I asked her straight up, "what"s wrong with you, are you ok?". She
immediately broke down crying and saying how much she was going to miss
me and how she doesn't want to have another fellow because they wont be
like me. I had literally just woke up and I was so moved that I started
to cry as well. It's pretty wild how these complete strangers let me
into their lives and now as I'm leaving they really feel hurt. I could
have never imagined that I could have connected so deeply with these
people, but I am so much that brought her to tears. It was a really
humbling moment because it gave me such an incredible feeling of self
worth and appreciation. To know how much they really care about me.