Blog 6: Poetry

I've restarted this blog at least 5 times now. 

I feel like I've written all I can about this experience.

I can't even express the happiness and gratitude I have for this experience and everyone involved. 

It just feels like I am repeating it over and over again, so I will share this poem I wrote.

I'm not sure how many people even know I write poetry.

I started right before I came to Senegal because I feel emotions so deeply and all I can do about it is write. 

I never thought I would be sharing this with anyone other than my closest people so this is a little bit scary, but you can't live in fear. 

I hope everyone enjoys! 

Here goes nothing! 

Picking Flowers Part II

Separated from the rest,

picked by you.

The new water climbs through me

drenching, overwhelming.

I know nothing new

except you.

Water is a necessity,

but so is soil.

Stolen from my grounding,

you turned me in to you.

Instead of being one,

I became a version of you.