Blog Number 2

Sitting here at the airport. Currently in Frankfurt, Germany. Just got off the plane and it’s been 10.5 hours since we sat in that plane. I was really happy in the plane because it’s been so long since I’ve traveled so having a full course meal for the first time on the plane….. its awesome! Not only that but there’s a TV screen on the back of the chair with a bunch of movies and music! A lot of people watched Sounds of the Music….never heard of that movie before. But I watched Cinderella, Age of Ultron, and Karate Kid. We also saw the Northern Lights! Chantel woke everyone up just to see it! O____o Pretty neat though first time seeing it. I barely slept since I’m distracted by the abundance of movie selections ? Oh yeah at the U.S. airport some of us ate Sushi and Ramen noodles which we won’t be seeing for the next 8 months ?? Now we have to get on another plane and sit for another 8 hours on the way Mumbai.