BLOG#5 Carnival and Curitiba

It was January when our Garopaba was full of Argentines and bunch of people from northern and southern Brazil. People of the north and the south of Brazil came up because summer without the beaches is boring and extremely hot. It was after our independent travel, as it was same circumstances for Argentines. The population of Garopaba raised from some hundreds to thousands of people. The beaches became packed and uncomfortable. The main purpose that people came was for Carnival.

The Carnival of Brazil is a yearly Brazilian festival goes for four days in a row. During the Carnival days, people would dress fantasies and would go to the streets for partying, drinking and just chilling all night long. Many families would visit each other’s relatives. They would make BBQ with drinks and chill among their families. Basically, this time was for them as free and chilling time. Time for them to rest and enjoy. During my carnival time, I´d spent some time with my family and other times I´d go to the parties with my friends. With my family, we went to our grandma´s house. We made a big BBQ. We´d play some Brazilian music and dance as well. This happened during the night. But some family did BBQ during the day and night as well. They would make BBQ in noon and they´d go to the beach to chill. Afterwards, they´d go home and have BBQ until midnight then to bed.

However, other people would go to city and party like crazy for four nights straight in a row. In Garopaba, I did go as my friends said that its mostly families who go there. But they suggested me another city close to Garopaba; in Ferrugem. In Ferrugem, the carnival was OMG. People said it’s one the best place for Carnival in the south of Brazil. I went to Ferrugem for several nights. In Ferrugem, there´d be thousands of people on the streets and beach as well. They´d party so hard. I mean the‎y´d have massive speakers on the streets and then they´d blast the entire streets with Brazilian Funk and some good Electronic music. I´ve learned that in most parts in the southern Brazilian, Baile Funk is very eminent. Everybody tends to love it. BaileFunk was originated in Rio de Janeiro. It came from the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. In Ferrugem, people were wild. They´d keep partying until the sunrise. I learned that Brazilians love partying. They´d go to parties every weekend. They also love to make a big and tasteful BBQ with their families.

Another exciting time in Brazil was when all of us went to Curitiba, in the state of Parana. It´s in the north. From Garopaba city, it´d be 5-6 hours by bus. We all went there by buses for one of the learning seminars. In Brazil, all the reconnect and learning seminars were a fling. I really shout out our Brazil staff who were very well organized and always available for us. Without them, it´d not had been an amazing year for us. In Curitiba, we stayed in a very tall building with 24 floors. I learned that most of the buildings there were very tall and fancy. The upsetting thing was that it was very sunny place and didn’t have any beaches. Other day, we went to explore some historic and environmental places. They were quite a fun place to explore. Our learning seminar was with full of outings, which I admired. I´ve learned that Curitiba´s got its own vibe. Many white people and immigrants. Very rich community and quite modern city. Curitiba was quite a nice time and one of the must-go places in Brazil. Our learning seminar went great. Learned so many new stuffs about Curitiba. And we had a long bus journey to Garopaba, which was a quite pain in the ass.

Stay Tuned 😊😉

Haider Ali
UWC Robert Bosch College