Breathing In

          It is such a unique feeling, the moment a memory is sequestered. And the form of memory through scent is absolutely amazing to me. A slightly familiar smell caught in the wind, and entire days can come back that we completely forgot about. Sometimes, we can't recall the memories, but a certain smell will make us sad or happy for reasons we can't remember, similar to a song or a written phrase you swear you've seen somewhere before. It's exciting to me, how forgotten past can be unlocked by chance. What about the making of those memories? Do we ever recognize the moment a smell and memory are linked, therefore locked away in our minds forever? I believe I have, perhaps more so in Brazil than ever before. Through this slower paced life I've gained so much awareness, and am now starting to recognize the steps my mind takes to hold onto something it deems memorable. The way, when breathing in the scent of fresh laundry, my mind works to make sure that when I smell passionfruit soap I'll always remember the sound of motorcycles and watching my neighbor's chickens. How the feel of that day, with the meager sun and salty breeze, will come back to me forever.

           I'll take pictures and buy items but my most coveted remembrances are granted to me through sense. Banana doce, baby perfume, the first fresh jasmine I've ever smelled. They'll bring back memories of eating breakfast alone with my mom, tickling my little brother, and eating donuts outside with my best friend. Just as cinnamon and wet dogs remind me of home, I know that in too short a time I'll be back in Arizona, occasionally breathing in the unforgettable Brazil.