New Beginnings

I have thought about writing my first blog for a while now and I really focused on how it should start and what I should share with you all. Perhaps, the one reading this knows nothing about me and so I wanted to share something that gives a little insight. Whatever that means. So, to me, the best thing to begin with is the first thing that came to mind while coming to Global Launch: all the gratitude I feel. I have a lot to be grateful for. I have a lot to cherish. But I also know what it took to get here and where I’ve been without it all.

I realize how much I depended on and worked with other people to get where I am now. All the effort and all the emotion involved in the process has been like nothing I’ve experienced before. I knew that taking a gap/bridge year was going to challenge me in a whole new way but I felt ready. In a way…

It wasn’t until mid-july that I had found out I was accepted into the program. My mind was always, always, always racing. I couldn’t label my emotions because I didn’t have time to completely process them. Every time I would finish one task, the next needed my attention. Sometimes simultaneously. I eventually ended up not thinking too much about anything. If you could imagine, I was stressed. I was so worried and so anxious to get to Global Launch on time and with everything I needed. It wasn’t until about two days before leaving home that I realized, just a little bit, what I had actually gotten myself into. 

Now in order for you to understand me and where I am coming from, I want to add some context to the situation: I lived in a group home. I didn’t have a grand amount of time to spend with my family before leaving out of the country for 8 months and so, a part of me panicked. I had realized what an amazing opportunity I had gotten myself into, and on the flip-side, how much I was about to leave behind. I was both excited and exhausted. 

I remember the endless nights, the tons of emails, near meltdowns, and the whole trip to the emergency room with an extra stay aha.. But I’m glad to say that the hard work paid off. I cannot thank everyone enough for their efforts to give me this opportunity. Everyone here at Global Citizen Year has worked so closely with me and I am so happy to be here. At times, it was difficult to imagine it. 

I would also like to give full recognition and pure gratitude towards Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you. The amount of dedication and hard work that was put into this is absolutely amazing and I will forever be grateful. 

Thank you.

NOTE: In retrospect from the start of this journey I couldn’t be more honored and humbled to be around so many great people. How did I get to be so lucky? Lucky enough to be able to be surrounded by such beautifully passionate people. Every time I hear someone speak I am blown away by their authenticity and wisdom. I think I am gonna be in for more surprises in the best way.