Campo Life Exposed

  1. Everyone knows everyone

  2. The myth about rice is true..three times a day

  3. Cafe and Pan is the best pre-game meal

  4. There is always a fiesta going on

  5. All the cars are stick shift

  6. Zhumia for Ecuadorians is like Vodka for Russians

  7. Lime juice can and will be put on anything

  8. Anything can be hand washed

  9. 5’6 is considered tall

  10. Most of the time you are related to your neighbors

  11. You will gain a new appreciation for spare change

  12. You will dread having any bill larger than $10

  13. Flat land is rare to find

  14. Standing while riding the bus is like riding a roller coaster

  15. Living rooms do not exist

  16. Addresses also do not exist

  17. Bug are common, but not appreciated

  18. You do not flush the toilet paper

  19. A spoon is the only utensil you will ever use

  20. A scarf can have multiple uses pass being a fashionable accessory

  21. The juice is like gambling you either get sick or you don’t

  22. Cafe: ⅓ Coffee, ⅔ Sugar

  23. You create your own bus stops

  24. Motte is everywhere

  25. Ketchup and Mayonnaise pair well

  26. It rains A LOT

  27. If Ecuadorians aren’t in Ecuador, then their in New York

  28. Soup at least twice a day

  29. Campo Taxi’s aren’t regular taxi’s, they’re super taxi’s

  30. You can boil anything

  31. Brown hair is considered Blonde

  32. The wifi either works or doesn’t, there is no in-between

  33. Mostly everything you eat was grown or raised within twenty miles from you

  34. Selling toilet paper is a very profitable business

  35. There are no guns

  36. Do not hesitate while walking across the street

  37. The cars have the right away

  38. The food is cheap

  39. The clothing is expensive

  40. There’s no AC or heaters

  41. The buses go at least 40 MPH at all times

  42. The dogs aren’t homeless, just free roaming

  43. Dirts roads are more common than cement

  44. Tipping doesn’t happen

  45. If you pay more than $5 for a meal than you got ripped off

  46. You can walk anywhere if you put your mind to it

  47. The idea of wearing sweatsuits to school as uniform was genius

  48. Most fiestas provided a four course meal

  49. Forget sunscreen and just use an umbrella

  50. Bedtime is either 8pm or 2am

  51. The spiders are big and hide in your clothing

  52. One dollar can go far

  53. Milk and eggs aren’t refrigerated

  54. Cuye can and will taste like chicken if you just believe

  55. If you’re lucky if your clothing will dry in two days