Capstone Project

I am now back home, and all I can think about are my family, friends, co-workers, Global Citizen Year staff, and fellows. I miss everyone very much and especially Ibarra. When I started my year I was given the opportunity to create an entirely new life. No one knew me and I didn’t know anyone else. To some people this maybe a little scary, but to me, it was fun.

In the states, I always felt scared of being judged by my friends and family, but as soon as I arrived to Ecuador I put that all behind. I did what I wanted and doing so, the people around me saw who I really am. I am not saying that in Ecuador I am someone completely different, but what it has taken years for my family in friends in the States to learn about me, people learned that about me, in weeks or months.

I find it amazing how close I let myself get to everyone. I usually try to keep distance between other people and me , if I know our relationship won’t last long; this past year, that wasn’t the case. By showing my true colors to strangers, in return they showed me theirs. I am grateful for my Global Citizen Year and everyone who was a part of it. On that note, please take a look at the capstone video  I have prepared to show at my highschool.