Chasing Sunsets

  1. the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
All my life, I’ve been fixated on this feeling of serenity. I was hoping that this time in India would bring me just that… but that was not the case.
I think I was in search of the wrong thing. Maybe, what I really needed was the opposite of what I so deeply craved. 
Although, I do believe that what I needed “was the opposite” of serenity, I still would wish i had more of it… There’s times where I go to the roof of my apartment building and watch the sunset, listen to music, and write. That’s my little ounce of serenity. Tiny moments like those are what make me feel present in this surreal “journey” im currently on.
Here’s some songs that make me feel at peace for some reason:
1) Sweetwater – MALIA
2) Slow Down – Skip Marley
3) Down to Earth – UMI
4) Al Norte – Silvana Estrada 
5) Sugar Don’t Be Sweet – Jaz Karis
6) Baila Más – Rels B