Cuenca Escape Room – As Told by Gifs

January 20th I tried out Cuenca Escape Room with JuliaGrace, Khuda, and Dale and had an awesome time! Though no phones are allowed in the room, these gifs pretty much sum up a good amount of the experience. We’ll be going back in February to try out their new zombie themed room when it opens!

If you’re interested in checking out Cuenca Escape Room, here’s the link to their website:

So, you finally have a team together to do an Escape Room!

You enter a dark, pregame room to be briefed about “The Case” you’re about crack.

Then…Boom! You’re locked in the room and the hunt for clues starts faster than you can say, “The Eagles are going to the SuperBowl.” #FlyEaglesFly

You’ve solved the first couple of clues and are really on a roll

Until you hit a clue that doesn’t make any sense

And then you think you’ve totally figured it out and try your solution just to find out it doesn’t work at all.

Inline image 1

Woah! A Teammate made a breakthrough!

And a hidden door to a new room is revealed! Is an ax-murderer inside? Who cares!!

More clues, more confusion, and much less time than before, but the group’s energy is renewed and the teamwork is #real

Your buddy is stuck on a puzzle and you just walk over and solve it on the first try.

Less than 3 minutes left!! But everyone is stumped on one puzzle and in a frenzy

10 Seconds Left! Someone suggests a new way to analyze the puzzle and it’s your last shot…

Annndddd…You made it out with 5 seconds to spare!

Bragging Rights = Yours

Time to Start Planning the next Escape Room!