Dear Future Self

Dear a different person,


You’re about to embark on the wildest journey that you will probably ever experience in your lifetime; it’s a decision you made on a whim, but for some reason those are the ones that work out best for you. You took the take the road less paved saying maybe a little too literally, but maybe that’s okay. You know college will always be there to return to, your friends won’t leave your side because you’ve left for 8 months, and most of all your family stands behind you firmly and are keeping you standing tall when your feet are giving out. I’m writing this to remind you why you did this if you ever begin to regret this decision.


Remember, it was never about trying to prove a point, it was never just about traveling, and it for sure was never about getting away from home. The reason you started is because you knew, at your heart you are an adventurer, you need a start to a chance at leadership, and you thrive in unfamiliar situations. Take this opportunity to grow because every experience, either it be sweet or bitter, is a growing experience; that is the most important lesson you’ve ever learned and sometimes you forget it, but just remember that you become more well-rounded with every second outside of your shell.


Eight months in the present may seem like it is a lot, but in hindsight it’ll be quicker than a heartbeat—much like the final years of high school, which was 4 years, but simply 4 seconds in memory. Make the most of every second, you’re going to get tired, you’re going to be challenged, but don’t back down; there’ll be plenty of time to relax when you make it back to the states in 8 months. Most of all keep your chin up, and assist others with the same.



Yourself at a different time