Dear Future

Dear future,

I have always wanted to know what you hold. As a matter of
fact, we all wish we knew what’s going to happen next, how things are going to
be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, what we are going to be in ten
years to come, etc. I am one of the many who have always wanted to be in that driver’s
seat because why not? It feels good to be in control, to have things going our
way, to be comfortable and much more.

However, as much as I try to stay in control, to predict
what you’re hiding from me, I must admit you’re always going to win. In some
way though, I’m glad you always keep these surprises from me. I’m glad you
thought me to be prepared for the unknown, to not be afraid of taking risks or
make mistakes because I will surely make many of them but most importantly
learn from them. Thank you for teaching me that there’s nothing wrong with
being in the driver’s seat but there’s something wrong in not having a compass rose,
well, in my days, a GPS. Not that there’s a GPS that tells anyone what to do
next, but time and patience will teach me how to make my next move in the
unknown. I’m thankful.

In this next adventure, I feel excited, nervous, and for
sure ready to let you direct me on this journey. Therefore, in these 7 months I
am ready to live in the present, to practice gratitude, to be curious, to
learn, to reflect, and more than anything to be brave, humble and persistent.

To be continued…