Departure Day: The Start of a New Journey

Finally, the journey that I have been preparing myself for since that special April evening has begun. All the waiting and frantic running around to get this vaccine and that visa has ended up with me on the airport floor preparing myself for a 9+ hour flight. One would think that after packing up and heading off to Hong Kong two years ago, I’d be prepared for this, but the truth is, I’m just as nervous/excited/anxious as I was the first time. Only difference is there is a lot less sadness and more worry.

I really haven’t the slightest clue what to expect from the coming weeks and to be honest, I have questioned whether this was the right decision. I mean, for a guy who had been planning on leaving in my senior year of high school in Zimbabwe to go to college in the US, it’s rather funny that 2 years later I’ve decided to take a gap year. I can safely say that I never would have predicted all of this two years ago. It’s times like this that I realise just how important the support of my family is. The support I’ve received has really been a saving grace from the beginning and I’m glad that I do have such a support system to keep me focused on doing what I challenge myself to.

Till then, 再见 (zai jian – Goodbye in Chinese)