Discovering Brazil

This Saturday will mark not only the start of summer here in Brazil but also my first three months in-country. It is weird to think about how just under 90 days ago, I arrived in Florianopolis knowing nothing about Brazilian language or culture. So, to celebrate all that I have learned and all that is left to learn, I have compiled pictures that represent my initial dive into Brazilian life.


A first look: 09/04/18

Meeting my family: 09/09/18

Finding the bright side: 09/16/18

Rainy day fun: 09/17/18

Exploring the neighborhood: 09/20/18

Brazilian Presidential Election: 09/29/18

Impacto Vivo: 10/15/2018

Jumping in full-force: 10/31/18

A Cultural Exchange: 11/06/18

Frank the Grocery Store Cat: 11/10/18

Cotton Candy Skies: 11/15/18

Maracatu: 11/21/18