Today I learned the word Fé. 

Today Fé meant getting on a bus, hoping it was going to the right place, kind of knowing it wasn't, but REALLY hoping it was. 

Fé meant looking out the window at the terminal I needed to get off at, but the one my bus wasn't stopping at- but Fé meant knowing I'd get there… eventually. (Even if that Fé meant traveling the entire length of Ihla de Norte… twice.)   

Fé means many different things, on many different days, to many different people. 

But today, on this lovely Sunday afternoon, Fé meant patience. Fé meant feeling at home on an overcrowded bus going in the wrong direction. Fé meant getting a little lost. Fé meant observing and appreciating the strangers around me. 

Today and everyday, Fé means Faith. 

I hope you all experience your own bits of Fé today.