Final Weekly Journal

Had stuffed papas con Enselada y aguacate 
Made patten for jacket pants and skirt, jacket reminded me of Janet Jackson. Customer was really nice, she has family in Manhattan. 
Made lemon bars. Had platano cake with cheese for dinner.
Trying to clean out my suitcase.
Went on inspection in Pimapiro, didn't really do much waited in office.
Had papas con huevo y arroz
Got back late from ministerio so didn't have time to go the costurera.
Rained a lot, had soup por merienda.
Went out to eat with Amelia had encebollado y un batido de coco.
Sewed individual sparkles to collar on a top took forever. Couldn't go to sleep so I packed instead.
Showered and did a face mask. Got to class a little late, we had a test. After class we went to get empanadas but it was closed. Tried to pack didn't really get anywhere.
Stayed later at the office to finish inputting all the files. I didn't know the seamstress was going to Guayaquil making this my last time seeing her, stayed late at the seamstress to finish the skirt. Still have a lot left to do.