First, first, first steps

My first blog post in English will have the same aim of my actual first post (that was in Portuguese): I will explain why I am living in Senegal for a year.

So, as most of you know: UWC. Right? Two years in Italy with a couple hundreds of international kids who taught me a lot (really, incredibly a lot) about this world, about their world, and mainly about my own world. Learning, travelling, eating Italian food. I was happy.

The two years had to end at some point though, and guess what? I definitely did not feel like stopping. I wanted to continue this journey of learning and discovering the world, but the real world, the one that happens in real life. I sincerely could not imagine myself going to college and sitting on a chair during most of the day, most of the days, even if it was to study something I like. The problem was: what could I do instead? Isn’t it like mandatory to go straight to college after high school? I knew some people took gap years, but I couldn’t see myself taking one. Where would the money come from? What would I do for a whole year? What would my parents say???

And that was when the universe attacked (together with this super cool human with the initials SD), and Global Citizen Year appeared in my life. It was too much of a good deal for me. Living in another country for a year with focus on cultural immersion, personal growth and development? And even learning another language? With a scholarship??? “When has the world become so good?” was the only thing I could ask myself. And if you know me, you know that I am not easily impressionable. The idea was really good.

Yes, yes, yes.

So there I went: selection process, scholarship, documents, plane ticket, French classes, San Francisco, pre-departure training… Dakar. I arrived here five days ago and I find it hard to describe how this whole experience is being. I promise to try hard on the next posts though, but you will have to subscribe if you want to read those (or watch, or hear). Hehe. There will be a joke or two as well, at some point, and some soon-to-come poems inspired on this wonderful culture.

For the moment I will just say good bye and send lots of love and life to whoever is reading.

Au revoir! And don’t forget to subscribe.