From Then Until Now- A Year in Photos

  1. Quito, September 15. The moment I realized that the friends I would make during this year would become some of the people I cherish most in the world.

  1. Sigsig, September 29. My first day at my apprenticeship. A day full of confusion and fear of the unknown.

  1. Cuenca, October 28. Finding out one of my best friends had to go back to the US for medical reasons. My heart was shattered but it became a blessing in disguise as we proved how strong our friendship truly is by staying in touch since then.

  1. Sigsig, November 27. My host sister Ximena’s wedding. I danced in 6 inch heels from 10pm-3am. Painful to say the least.

  1. Isla San Cristobal, Galapagos, December 26. Mother and baby sea lions. Keeps me grounded no matter how far from home I am.

  1. Isla San Cristobal, Galapagos, December 31. Blessings on blessings as my family traveled 4,357 miles to come visit me for Christmas and New Year’s.

  1. Baños de Agua Santa, February 6. A day-long jungle tour to the Amazon is definitely not enough time.

  1. Sigsig, February 11. Carnaval is 4 days of non-stop dancing, music, food, and culture. One of the things I wish I could bring home with me.

  1. Chobshi, March 3. Bringing all of Southeast Asia to our farmhouse to cook an Asian feast for my host family.

  1. Gualaquiza, March 31. One last family vacation for my despedida. No matter where I go, a piece of my heart will always be with them.