GCY saved my life

The day is May 8th, it's 8:30 a.m and I’m sitting next to my marketing team in my entrepreneur class. The day was slow, everyone in class was eating their bacon egg and cheeses or playing fortnite on their computers meanwhile I was researching my own death with the army. I always knew I didn't want to step into college right away without being prepared of what I want my future to look like. I assumed I only had 2 options; College – but be miserable and off track or Army – but it would equal to DEATH since I'm not suitable for the Army since I'm a klutz. 

 BING (or whatever sound you get when you receive mail) 
I received an e-mail from the school wrestling program I was in: 
Beat The Streets New York City Wrestling

Jaime Gray (Beat The Streets New York City Wrestling) sent you a message.


It's not too late to be living in South America, Africa, or Asia next Fall before college. Global Citizen Year is a gap year program that gives students the foundation for greatness in college, career and life 

Right away I fell in love with the program and applied. 
In a way you can say GCY saved my life. If it wasn't for GCY I'd be in training camp or suffering from my first day of college. GCY will provide me with endless opportunities. I will get to help others, help myself, and learn a whole new culture. As excited as I am to move into a new home and lifestyle,  I will miss New York and the people in it.
I'll miss waking up to Salvadoran breakfast and going out to eat late at night with my team
I'll miss breaking fights against my younger sibling and cousins 
I'll miss walking around with my Timberlands yelling "YERRRRR"
I’ll miss the big subway rats stealing 1$ nyc pizza
I’ll miss yelling at my 15 lb dog to stop barking at every person who passes by my house
Ill espically miss all my friends and family 💟
but they'll be there when I return in 8 months 

I’m more than happy to start a new chapter in my life, explore Brazil, and become apart of the community. 2019 will be a year of adventure and lessons and I can not wait till I experience it and share it with my blogs!