Great experience with this lovely family.

How do I even start describing about my family? They are just amazing people with kind hearts. I had have siblings. My brother is studying a engineering and my two sisters are in high school. My dad works in a Municipal corporation for the government and my mom is a housewife. I definitely felt that I will surely get along with them pretty well when they wrote me a letter. In that letter they mentioned that they are so excited and happy to have me as the new member of the family. They even used a simile of a new born baby. At that particular moment I felt this family is gonna be a fun and lovely family. 

  Here are some times where I felt as a part of this family.

    One  the first day when I arrived my family through me a welcome party. We had dinner with my extended family on the same day. At dinner time the family sat around me and asking questions as though they were interviewing me. Of course at the moment I felt really overwhelmed and a bit uncomfortable but then I got used it. I mean I was expecting for this to happen because our alumni told us about this tradition. I had cultural shock. I felt really welcomed into the family and a role too as being an older sister. 
( My Family)
 So in the month of November there is a festival called "Dia de los Muertos". During that festival people make " Pan de Guaguas". The exact translation is babies made from the bread. This is a festival which tells the story captures the memories of the people who have died. On the next day we end up going to the city of Cuenca to see the amazing typical markets.
On the 23rd of December was a fabulous day because that day my mom made bread and I would say that she is an expert at making bread. One of my friends also accompanied us and learned. how to make bread. On the same day my family took me for Christmas Shopping which was really nice of them.I was speechless and it really reminded me of my family. But after all I really enjoyed spending the first Christmas with my family. It was an interesting and unique tradition of celebrating Christmas. So on the New Year's eve we invited our extended family. There was plenty of dancing and various kinds of activities were planned. At midnight we burnt stuffed man. It is part of the Ecuadorian tradition. It signifies that we should forget about the past and start a new beginning and stop fighting. It was nice to see this tradition.
               (STUFFED MAN)


After all I would say that is was a caring,lovable family. I really love.