Hasta Luego

Never did I think that I would ever live in Latin America, let alone Ecuador when i was a child. It was a part of the world that i had no knowledge about and had no connections to. The past 7 months flew by and till 2 days before i was leaving did i finally realise that my journey in Ecuador was coming to a halt. That last night when i started collecting my clean clothes from the drying line and packing it in my suitcase, my host mother came into my room and tears filled her eyes. We talked about the past 7 months and all our ups and downs together as a family. At the end, my host siblings, cousins, and aunt also came in as they presented gifts to me. We talked more, laughed, cried and hugged as I opened the gifts and gave them each a big hug. My mum said to me, I won't say adios because im sure it wont be the last time I see you, instead it will be hasta luego, see you later. I realised I had learned a lot over the past 7 months, about values, Imbabura province, my weaknesses and strengths, and so much more. I created a deep connection with my host family, my neighbours and many more. I hope I can return one day and still have that connection with my family and all those that I established a relationship with.