Have A Little Faith

When the road gets dark
And you can no longer see
Have a little faith in me.

-John Hiatt

When you read the headlines in today’s newspapers and websites, anything but the feeling of faith is conjured up. Disgust, anger, sadness, shock, fear, even humor, resonate everywhere, but faith almost never appears. What about the non-stop coverage of all the religious debates, or the investigative series about less common religions you ask? Well, in all honesty, when you see one religion going after another like a pack of hungry hyenas, how much faith in a God, much less anything does that really inspire?

About every other week all the fellows get to talk to each other on a conference call. In the past, we have had agendas for these calls, and basically have stuck by them. All the fellows would have questions posed to them, and we would answer in response. This past week though, absolutely none of that got accomplished. Instead we skipped from psychoanalysis to book lists. The really special thing about it though, was that for the first time we actually talked. No one was talking at each other, or just answering questions. We finally came to understand the smallest bits of each other, which is special. With technology today, we often forget how important the real human connections are.

You can read the profiles of every single fellow embarking on the Global Citizen Experience, but that probably won’t convince you to care. So ask us all your questions, follow our journeys, because I can assure you: if there are any people out there that can inspire even a little faith, it is the ten people I will be sharing my coming journey with.