Hello, I’m Justin Moore

Hey Ya’ll, my name is Justin Moore and I am from Austin, Texas. I grew up in Dallas but moved when I was sixteen and started going to the Khabele School, a small, progressive school that values learning in its purest state and  not necessarily through an institution. As I fell in love learning at Khabele, I began to find ways to study and learn things whether or not I was in the class room.

I developed the confidence to take a year off and learn in an independent way so I could truly develop my strengths and passions before diving deeply into four years of study in few or one specific subject. The Khabele Community has also inspired me to serve the world so I wanted to learn how I am most capable of making a change.  Thus I am taking a global citizen year. I intend to learn about Sengalese culture and challenges faced by people universally as well as in the country.

Though it is a secret as to exactly where I will be placed to apprentice, I hope to work in the sector of agriculture and learn how I am most able to sustain an important part of culture that is being lost to industrialization in many parts of the world. I also hope to learn a new language and use my multicultural and multilingual powers to help focus my studies in college to make change in the world.