Today I realized how important it is to just ask sometimes. I have always felt irked about how one of my friends would keep changing her voice and influxing it with different frequencies. Usually, she takes on the form of a baby voice which seemed to me like she was trying to act cute and ask for attention. It would always seem to annoy me although it is possible that it may have been intensified because the guys seemed to like it regardless. But then I decided to just ask her why she did so. Maybe I just wanted to put her on the spot so that I could catch her beating around the bush. However, it turned out that I was the one who was completely stumped. I kept making assumptions based off of my own selfishness rather than truly seeking to understand. But it was slapped in my face such that I couldn't look away when she said, " I hate it when people think that I'm trying to get attention or don't take me seriously when I change my voice so. Just because I don't speak in a monotone voice doesn't mean that I am any less serious about what I am saying." There could be a number of reasons as to why she influxes her voice so. Some of them being that she lacks confidence and so it's easier to say things she's sure of but not confident enough to actually say, by using a baby voice. And surprisingly enough, it turns out that she is completely aware of this aspect of herself and yet has no intention of changing it. Rather she's quite comfortable with it and wishes to continue so. This incident totally changed my perspective on things. Definitely a good reason as to why we should practice curiosity before judgment.