Into the unknown

As the days get shorter so does my existing way of life. I will be leaving to live and work in a place totally foreign to my hometown. It’s a strange feeling knowing that in a couple of days everything that I have achieved will dissipate as I step out of comfortable community, and willingly place myself into a world offbeat from my home town.  I can only wonder how each day will unfold, and feel the pressure to complete all of my required tasks before I board the plane and embark on such a grand journey. I am trying to develop an understanding of what to expect for the future, but the deeper I dive the less I understand. I will never be prepared for the journey laid before me, but that’s the most exciting part.

During high school each day was so tightly scheduled, that it began to feel routine. The immense pressure of needing to know what you intended to do with the rest of your life, created stress, and was always the topic at the lunch table. There was a feeling that you needed to know exactly what you intended to do with your life. There was never the thought that someone could do anything different, it felt as though everything was set in stone. When I am asked the question “where are you going to school?” I would respond with my intentions of living in a foreign country, to gain a new perspective of the world before I begin college. A look of shock grew on their face, as though breaking away from the normal trend is against the rules. When I think of jumping on the bandwagon, and immediately attend college after high school my body shivers at the thought.

It’s not my time to become a college student. I need to experience something different from what I know in order to gain a better understand of myself, and the world outside of my home town. Having an experience like this will set me apart from others, allow me time to think, and give me the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. I may only know a few things about myself, but know that I want to awake each day knowing that it will be unpredictable, thrilling, and challenging. I can only imagine how I will be feeling in the near future, but know that it’s my time to go.