Kontaana fi ci Senegal: I am happy here in Senegal

Its only my third day in my homestay here in Taiba Ndaiye and I can wholeheartedly say Bëgg uma ñiibi Etat Unis. I don’t want to go back to the United States. My days are jam packed with reading the novels I brought with me under the welcoming shade of the mango trees in my family’s garden, conversing with my host brother about the Wolof language (which is going pretty smoothly), playing football at the local stadium, making my little siblings laugh with goofy faces and learning from my host parents about what exactly is done here. Country immersion week was so successful and so fun but the Fana Hotel (where the entire Senegal Cohort stayed for a week), had became a bubble. It was good for us to leave. We all made the goodbye longer than it needed to be, (seeing that we’d all see each other in a week), because of our hesitance of leaving the comfortable environment that was the Fana Hotel. Comforted by the company of our cohort and aided by the translation skills of the Senegal GCY staff, the Fana Hotel was extremely enjoyable but nothing like being at our home stays. I am in love with Taiba Ndaiye, and I’ve only seen about 10% of it.